Thursday, June 7, 2012

Overbooked Flights Being Banned

Sometime ago, I read through a bloggers’ horrific experience with one of the budget airlines in the country. She may have had fun with her Boracay vacation with her friends, even raved about their Boracay hotel but her experience with the budget airlines was the extreme opposite of her pleasant experience at the island-paradise.

They were bumped off the overbooked flights and worried that they might not make it on time to report for work on the next day, they begged to be accommodated. However, they were not the only ones begging to get accommodated. What also exacerbated their situation was that the ground crew were aloof, arrogant and unresponsive to their plight. At the end of her post, she promised that she and her friends might pursue a legal case against the budget airline.

This nightmarish experience is not uncommon among budget airlines. Trying to recover the revenues lost from their promos, overbooking the flight somehow helps but the travelers unwittingly suffer because of this. Fortunately, the country’s aviation regulator is banning the overbooking of flights effective June 15. I hope this will prosper, for the sake of the travelers.

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