Sunday, September 4, 2011

Compiling All My Travel Contact Numbers

Through the years of traveling, I accumulated a lot of brochures and contact details (email addresses, landlines and cellphone numbers) of airlines, tour operators,  travel agencies, hotel accommodations, plane ticket reservations, and even those of shipping companies, boat operators, drivers including tricycle drivers and all those necessary numbers to keep my travels smooth sailing.

I kept the little notebooks that contain these numbers and from time to time, I browse them to recall some details I had forgotten or whenever somebody would request for some contact numbers of the hotels or tour operators and other what-have-yous. The task requires patience but since I like sharing travel stories, I always accommodated the request. However, because these little notebooks have been increasing in numbers, finding the necessary information has become daunting. So, I’ve been thinking of compiling all my travel contacts in one softcopy. Gotta find some time for that.

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