Thursday, January 10, 2013

Save And Travel

Some people think that one needs to be filthy rich to do some traveling. With this mentality, a lot of people have given up their dream to travel to some distant land because they thought they could not afford to do it. Sure, to travel means to spend some money but there are several ways to save for one's dream travel. I am no millionaire but my friends and I have found a way to get to places we wanted to get to by just saving, strategizing and planning. People get jealous that we could get to places we wanted to get to but it takes a lot of discipline, will power and careful planning and strategizing before we could get to where we want. Taking out a loan helped a lot along the way but saving did more. For long travels, I saved for years. The first one was my first China travel. I saved for five years and most of which were done through the Pag-IBIG Fund's Pag-IBIG II program. The said program offered higher dividend rates than most if not all saving institutions. The rest of the expense for the said travel, I saved little by little. So, one needs not to be filthy rich to get to Spain or France or just even to Boracay or Sagada. One just needs to save and work hard. The destination awaits, excitedly.

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