Sunday, January 20, 2013

Skywatch#129 Different Skies and Different Timezones

A few years ago, a friend told me that when I get the chance to travel through continents, I should look out for what she called the "timezone sky". She saw it while traveling from the Philippines to Canada and said that it was really beautiful. Not sure if it's her own label but her explanation was that the sky  looks quite different when crossing timezones.


I love taking photos while airborne. Not only do I feel like I am in heaven as what most people say, I also like how the colors of the clouds change constantly. The favorite time for me is during sunset or sunrise when an array of kaleidoscope of colors change within seconds.

The above photo was taken while we were on our way home from London last year. As can be expected, London was covered with clouds.

More than 30 minutes after, the sunset blue hour started and pastel colors started battling over the blue-black color of the skies.

I never got to see what my friend said years ago about the "timezone sky" and so I stayed awake most of the 17-hour trip to home from our Europe trip just to try if I could see it.  When I saw it, it did not disappoint.

This was no ordinary sunset or sunrise colors I thought when I opened the window shade. Before that, I watched about 5 movies on the plane just to try to see if I could catch this. This should be the "timezone sky" my friend was talking about. Checking out the time, I realized that we must be somewhere between Europe and Asia. How cool is that!


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